So You Are Getting Married? Congratulations!

But I must warn you…

Planning a Wedding Can Involve
More Than 1,000 Decisions…

Overlooking What Might Seem Like
A Small Detail or Making Just One Wrong Choice Can Turn The Wedding You’ve Dreamed Of Into A Disappointment or Disaster

Most brides and grooms report experiencing a high level of stress when they expected to have one of the happiest times of their lives. The anxiety can manifest as you realize you only get one chance to make everything right for your special day.

Being overwhelmed is not your fault. Most bride and grooms are not professional event planners.

A wedding can involve more than 1,000 decisions including dates, times, guests, invitations, wedding parties, venues, gowns, suits, supplies, food, drink, seating, officiates, bakers, photographers, videographers, florists, DJs, bands, babysitters, themes, and on and on.

Let’s face facts:
There are hundreds of decisions to be made and there can easily be over 1000 moving parts to even an average size wedding.

If your guest list misses on any of the seven critical elements this can:

  • result in overlooked considerations that can cause mix-ups and hurt feelings that last for years to come.      
  • produce expensive overruns that destroy your budget and could  send you seeking money at the last minute.
  • Cause you embarrassment  

The smallest mistake with your Invitations can cause catastrophes:  

  • The wrong wording can offend someone from your families and or your friends ending in damaged relationships without you even knowing why. 
  • An unnoticed incorrect address, omission, or transposition error can leave your loved one, friend, associate, or coworker forever wondering why they were not invited to your wedding.  
  • Straying from accepted formalities for order, names, or religious references  can cause confusion and upset.

Or an invitation oversight can even ruin your whole day… leaving you and your groom waiting alone at the church, wedding venue, or reception all because of a missed typo for the date or an address. That has happened!  

Mistakes are often made in the critical timing of weddings and events.

Scheduling conflicts with other events, neighbors, venues, or traditions can result in traffic congestion, a shortage of accommodations, a lack of transportation services, low attendance, poor quality services, flowers,  and or food, less than cleanly venues, and more.

Neglecting to research simultaneous events that could interfere with your wedding, travel to and or leaving the reception,

In addition, every vendor and person involved in your wedding needs an itinerary. Tuxedos, dresses, a wedding cake, florist, DJ, bridesmaid, best man, caterer, or officiating professional that show up at the wrong address or arrive late can have repercussions that derail your entire wedding.

Food, drink, and cake can easily be miscalculated causing some guests to go without.

Without a perfected system to follow every step of the way, you might not have a perfect wedding. Even a small wedding planning mistake can result in a disaster that forever mars everyone’s memory of your day.  

Instead of a Heartbreaking Wedding Day That You Forever Wish You Could Forget,
You can have the Enchanted Day You’ve Dreamed Of That Becomes Your Fondest Memory

The World’s Wedding Planning Star, Giselle Hindley-Wales, introduces the complete Easy Dream Wedding System™ so you can have your perfect dream wedding!

Giselle has planned and successfully completed hundreds of weddings. She has planned more weddings in one year than many wedding planners ever book in a lifetime!  

Giselle’s weddings have received 177 perfect 5-star reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot.

With the Easy Dream Wedding System you can make sure your wedding is the flawless dream you have always had with her simple system and money-saving advice. You get the insider knowledge you need to avoid costly mistakes.

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ Saves You Loads of Time, Money, and Heartache and Makes Planning Your Special Day a Breeze So You Can Relax and Have Complete Peace of Mind

You are going to get the benefit of all the knowledge that has been gained and perfected from more than 10,000 hours of planning hundreds of weddings.

Every step of your wedding is clear in videos from Giselle herself, checklists and guides. Giselle has spent a lifetime in the wedding business and two years creating the Easy Dream Wedding System™ for you.

Whether you plan your own wedding or hire a wedding planner

with Giselle’s guidance, you will not only understand everything your wedding planner discusses, but you will also be prepared with the answers to their questions, know what to ask, select the right planner, and have the insight to know things are being planned out correctly.

No one wants to wait for their wedding day to realize they should have played a more active role in making the day what they had wanted. There’s no second chance to make this day memorable.

You will save time and have a great wedding, and possibly save thousands of dollars with Giselle’s budget-friendly tips and tricks in the Easy Dream Wedding System™.

There is Nothing on Earth That Compares to Giselle’s Comprehensive Yet Simple to Follow  Easy Dream Wedding System™ for Your Special Day

Giselle has compiled the wedding planning methods, tips, and inside secrets accumulated from her extensive and highly successful years of wedding planning. She has meticulously scrutinized and organized all this valuable information into easy-to-follow instructions in 25 separate modules.

Each module contains captivating videos of Giselle sharing with you, the exact instructions in a heartfelt and genuinely caring way that only Giselle can deliver. You feel like she is right in the room with you holding your hand every step of the way!

 You will also get her well thought out checklists and tip lists. 

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™
Makes Planning Your Wedding So Easy!

Without Giselle’s plan or with an inadequate plan you can literally feel like giving up on wedding planning. Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ is so articulate and the instructions so sensible that planning your wedding becomes an enjoyable experience. 


Giselle warm has such a talent for teaching you in a calm and matter of fact demeanor you become entranced with her. The information seems to come to you through a magical osmosis! 

With Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™
You Can Start Immediately and Plan Your Wedding to the Smallest Detail
in Less Than a Day! 

You can easily spend more than 200 hours planning even a simple wedding. A more elaborate wedding can take more than 500 hours of planning.

With The Easy Dream Wedding System, each subject is a set of different video guides. Then topics are titled so you choose only what pertains to your wedding plans.   

With just a few clicks of your mouse,  you can go through the entire system in just over 10 hours and review any part when needed. 

In that time you’ll learn how to avoid disasters, save thousands with budget-saving tips, and plan the most special day of your life with a smile on your face.


Doesn’t a Wedding Planner Do All This?

The Easy Dream Wedding System™ empowers you to be in complete control of your wedding if you do the planning


give you the knowledge to know how to hire the right wedding planner and be sure they are doing their job. In fact, the Easy Dream Wedding System™ is so comprehensive, wedding planners can use this system for their training.

Isn’t All the Information Needed for Planning a Wedding on the Web? 

With over 742 million Google results just for the ‘wedding planning,’ no one knows what all is on the web! And that is the challenge.

You do not need a specific quantity of information;
you just need all the right information.

We all know there’s a TON of websites, articles, and social profiles on weddings. But is that really how you want to spend your evenings? Can you trust the sources? This system was built to save you the hundreds of hours of research you’d need to ensure you didn’t miss anything in your planning.

We’ve used our decade-plus experience in the industry to sort through all the noise and take you from overwhelmed to organized. Giselle knows the tricks, the short-cuts, and the priorities to guide you to the best wedding decision-making.

How Much Money Can You Save With Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™?

The cost of a traditional wedding planner can cost $75 - $200 per hour and the total from $1500 to more than $10,000 plus gratuity.  

Not to mention the cost on your emotional health of praying that this person actually knows what they are doing.

For a fraction of the cost to hire an inexperienced wedding planner, get access to one of the best in the country. Your wedding planning fairy godmother, Giselle, will share her system to plan the perfect wedding.

Her weddings have received 177 perfect 5-star reviews out of 177 reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot. Make your wedding literally flawless with her simple system and sanity-saving advice.

Imagine the Euphoria You Will Feel At the End of Your Big Day As You Bid Farewell to All your Special Guests and Embark on Your Honeymoon and Life Together!

Imagine your 10th wedding anniversary and your friends and family are still raving about how special and flawless your wedding was.

Your relationship is eternal, so make sure the memories you create on your wedding day aren’t permanently stained by mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

By following Giselle’s plan, your ‘wedding day’ dream will come true!

Plan Your Wedding with the Top Wedding Planner

Giselle Hindley Wales, has 11 years of experience managing her own wedding venue and has planned well over 300 weddings. She has won the Knots Couple’s Choice Award every year from 2013 to 2021. Her weddings have been featured in major wedding publications such as The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Marry Me Tampa Bay, Ruffled, Borrowed and Blue, Orange Blossom Bride, Whim Magazine, 100 Layer Cake, and Green Wedding Shoes.

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ will show you:

  • What most wedding planners overlook
  • the 3-tier system for making guest decisions.  
  • How to establish guest list boundaries.
  • How to avoid budget overruns and spot hidden fees and charges.

You will have instant access to knowledge that was accumulated over 315 weddings and over 10,000 hours of deep practice.

Planning your wedding budget can be one of the most stressful parts of your wedding. Giselle shows you how to stretch any budget and avoid costly mistakes.


Married on 03/31/2018

Giselle is amazing!!! I cannot explain how easy the planning process was.


Married on 11/18/2018

Giselle is a genius and we thank her for making our wedding day a literal dream come true.


Married on 05/17/2014

Planning our wedding was completely stress less thanks to Giselle. All of her recommendations were spot on.


Married on 02/10/2018

Giselle truly has a gift for making a couple's dream wedding day come true.


Married 04/28/2019

We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. Thank you to Giselle for helping us have our dream wedding.

Jessica Fisher

Married on 12/03/2017

Hands down the best wedding planning experience ever! She provides the best service, thinks of everything and makes you feel heard. She takes her time in planning your special day and will truly consider your budget and will make your special day feel like a dream come true.


Married 04/29/2017

Giselle made EVERYTHING easy - I was never the little girl who planned her wedding growing up, so I had no clue what I was doing, but she explained every step and gave advice without ever making us feel like we were being "sold" to.


Married 04/06/2019

Giselle made everything so easy for us and was there with us every step of the way. From beginning to end she systematically removed any worries or concerns we may have had. Her organizational abilities are exceptional, making us all feel at ease


Married 04/28/2019

Giselle was our wedding planner/coordinator and did an OUTSTANDING job. She is very knowledgeable, organized, and helpful. She made sure everything went smoothly from the very start of the planning process to the sparkler send off on our wedding night. During our wedding, we did not have to lift a finger.

You are Getting The Most Comprehensive and Delightful Wedding Planning System Ever Created

All 25 Modules Each With Instructional Videos, Worksheets, Guides, and Checklists With Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™

You are getting more than 25 professionally produced videos ranging in length from 12 minutes to 58 minutes with organized, simple to follow instructions, money and time saving tips, and inside information. You will also get all the guides, checklists, and worksheets you need to plan your dream wedding. And you will have membership in our private support community.  

Each Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding™ Module contains a complete Instructional  Video and guides, worksheets, or checklists.

Introduction and Course Overview Module

Module 1: Wedding Date  

How Can You Pick the Wedding Date (and time) That Gives You the Time You Need, Avoids the Many Possible Conflicts, and Will Become Your Forever Anniversary?  

Discover the 17 most overlooked date considerations; See how the wrong day or time can cause wedding day conflicts and catastrophe.  Once you know what to contemplate here, you can choose the best day and time for you , your guests, wedding party, venues, photography, and vendors. You’ll breath your first great sigh of relief, confident you have made the best choice!  


  • Picking Your Wedding Date
  • How Far In Advance Should You Pick My Wedding Date
  • Is Your Ceremony and Reception in the Same Location?
  • When Your Venue is the Most Important and Your Date is Flexible
  • When Your Date Is Not Flexible
  • What to Consider When Picking Your Date
  • Consider the Time of Year and the Weather
  • Consider the Sunset Time
  • Other Things to Consider that Might Affect Your Wedding Date
  • Consider the VIP Guests in Your Life
  • Summary for Picking A Wedding Date

Includes a checklist and worksheet.  

Module 2: Wedding Size  

How Can You Use Giselle’s Budget Forecaster and Triple List Method to Choose the Perfect Number of Guests to Share Your Special Day? 

Determining the size of your wedding affects your budget and can also cause stress and turmoil when choosing who you will and will not invite.

Whether you end up choosing to have an intimate wedding or inviting all your third cousins, Giselle’s clever 12 Guest Questions checklist will make sure you have considered all things for each decision.

Giselle’s secret ‘Triple List Method’ helps you set the perfect wedding guest list boundaries to make sure who you want to share this special day with is there without breaking the bank. 


  • Who Decides Who Will Be Invited to Your Wedding
  • Guest List Breakdown
  • How to Reduce Your Budget
  • Organize Your Guest List
  • Guidelines to Help Cut Down Guest Lists
  • Parental Boundaries
  • Venue Capacity Limits
  • How Does the Venue Price Their Guests?
  • Children As Wedding Guests
  • Inviting Guests to the Ceremony Only
  • Summary for Size of Wedding Party

You will breathe a second sigh of relief of self-assurance checking this challenging task off your list!  

Now you will be empowered to focus on your next steps.   

Module 3: Wedding Venues  

Where is the Best Place to Experience Your Dream Wedding Day? 

Where you hold your wedding will play a major role in the experience you and your guests have throughout your event. Here is where you will capture timeless images, create lasting memories, and share one of the most special moments of your life.

You need to have your venue booked and date locked down, before you can move forward with the other steps of planning your wedding.  

There are often so many different options that choosing the perfect place can seem overwhelming.

Giselle shares her years of experience to give you the knowledge to carefully consider all the options, possibilities, and prices to choose the best wedding venue for you.

And even if you have already chosen a venue, Giselle’s 86 Point Wedding Venue Checklist will make sure you cover many items even professional wedding planners can miss.   

These Include:

  • Choosing Your Venue and Date
  • Where Can I Find Wedding Venues
  • What is Your Style of Wedding?
  • What is Your Venue Budget?
  • Will Your Ceremony and Reception Be in the Same Location?
  • Indoor vs Outdoor
  • Choosing A Traditional Wedding Venue
  • Venue Rental Only vs All Inclusive venues or Venues that Offer Packages
  • Venue Rental Only
  • All Inclusive Venues or Venues that Offer Packages
  • What Questions to Ask Venues? 
  • Do You Have Privacy?
  • What Are the Photograph Opportunities?
  • What Vendors ae Included in Their Packages?
  • Will You Have Help With Planning and Coordination?
  • What Are the Cancellation, Reschedule and Refund Policies?
  • Will You Have a Bar or Serve Alcohol?
  • What are the Venue Reviews?
  • What in-house Decorations Can You Use?
  • What is the Maximum Number of Guests?
  • What is the Venue Layout?
  • Does the Venue Have a Reception Layout?
  • What is the Pet Policy?
  • Is the Dance Floor Provided?
  • Does the Venue Have an Adequate Number of Restrooms?
  • Is there Sufficient Parking?
  • Is there Adequate Handicap Facilities?
  • Does the Venue have Adequate Electric Power?
  • Is there Adequate Lighting?
  • Are There Noise Restrictions?
  • "Backyard Weddings" Checklist
  • Is There Adequate Room For Vendors to Work in Your Space?
  • Is There Sufficient Power?
  • Do You Have Adequate Restrooms?
  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Who Are Your Neighbors (Commercial or Residential)?
  • Do You Have a Plan B for Inclement Weather?
  • Summary For Choosing Your Venue

And much more.

Module 4: Setting Your Budget  

How Can You Establish a Wedding Budget and Use Money Saving Tips to Get the Most for Your Dollars? 

Giselle’s spending tips and vendor inside information will help you set target amounts.

You will learn about:

  • All the wedding money resources
  • Cost saving tips to get the most for your money
  • How to prioritize wedding costs
  • how to best allocate and estimate expenses

You are also getting Giselle’s Wedding Budget Tracker that tracks and helps you hold vendors to price quotes, and accounts for gratuity, taxes, and fees. You can track each expenditure as a pre-established percentage of your total budget to prevent overspending. 

Using Gisselle’s Wedding Budget Tracker gives you ‘budget bliss!’ You and your partner will have the peace of mind to focus on other decisions and enjoy the adventure!

Module 5: Wedding Planners  

Do You Need a Wedding Planner? 

What Does a Wedding Planner Do, How Do You Choose One and What are the Best interview Questions to Ask? 

What is a Wedding ‘Day of’ Coordinator and a Wedding Designer? 


There is a low or no barrier entry for someone to call themselves a wedding planner. This means the wrong or inexperienced wedding planner can actually wreck your wedding! Learn exactly what wedding planners should do, what questions you must ask and qualities to look for so you can avoid a catastrophe, and to decide if you need a wedding planner at all.  

You are going to learn:

  • How much should a wedding planner cost?
  • What are the types of services wedding planners offer and do not provide that you need to be aware of?
  • How can you set your expectations for a wedding planner?
  • How do you determine a prospective wedding planner’s responsiveness?  
  • How can you measure a prospective wedding planner’s organization skill?  
  • Should you consider an hourly pay or per wedding price planner?
  • See the 9 Must Have Qualities For Any Wedding Planner
  • Discover The Seven Wedding Planner Red Flags That Could Spell Disaster

Module 6: Invitations, Save the Date, RSVP  

How do you avoid the many possible invitation errors, omissions, and miscommunications that can lead to embarrassment, disappointment, and even long tern hurt feelings?   


Save the Dates, paper invites, evites, RSVP’s etc. For the lucky people you have chosen for your guest list you need create invitations that accurately communicate with wedding etiquette the “what, where and when”?

If your guest list misses on any of the seven critical elements this can: 

  • result in overlooked considerations that can cause mix-ups and hurt feelings that last for years to come.
  • produce expensive overruns that destroy your budget and could  send you asking for money at the last minute.     
  • cause you embarrassment 

The smallest mistake with your Invitations can cause catastrophes: 


  • The wrong wording can offend someone from your families and or your friends ending in damaged relationships without you even knowing why. 
  • An unnoticed incorrect address, omission, or transposition error can leave your loved one, friend, associate, or coworker forever wondering why they were not invited to your wedding. 
  • Straying from accepted formalities for order, names, or religious references  can cause confusion and upset.

Or an invitation oversight can even ruin your whole wedding day… leaving you and your groom waiting alone at the church, wedding venue, or reception all because of a missed typo for the date or an address. That has happened!  

Learn Giselle’s 31 Must Know Tips for Inviting Guests to Your Wedding and be assured your guests will receive their invitations, know exactly when and where to arrive, be aware of everyone who has RSVP’d, and be prepared to greet them and celebrate!

Module 7: Wedding Gifts, Bridal Party Gifts & Wedding Favors  

Is a gift table needed if a registry has been set up? 

Wedding Gifts – Remember most guests are no longer physically taking wrapped gifts to the wedding itself. With gift registries, honey funds etc.  most guests are purchasing/donating online and having items shipped directly to the couple.

Gift Registries: Discover how and when to set up the right gift registries for shower, engagement, and wedding gifts.  See how to choose the right gifts for varying budgets and get the items you need and desire to avoid duplicates and disappointment.

Learn about timelines,  registry consultants, when to schedule meetings, cash gifts, and the key questions you must ask.

Discover the best sites to register for gifts that include multiple stores.

Gift Table:  Learn how to set up and maintain the appropriate and secure gift table. How to prevent gift cards and cash from getting misplaced or lost.

Discover how to use an organized system for tracking gifts and ensuring thank you notes are sent.

Wedding Favors:

What are wedding favors and to whom and when should they be given?  

Learn if, when how, where, and what wedding favors you give your guests. See how a charitable donation can be implemented here. 

Bridal Party Gifts: it is nice to give the members of your bridal party some type of gift to thank them for standing by you on this special occasion.    Bridal party gifts are often given out during the rehearsal dinner along with a few nice words about what they mean to you. Short and sweet is best and gifts do not have to  be identical.

Module 8: Wedding Party  

How big should your wedding party be and who should you choose to do what? 

Wedding parties can include a Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids, Best Man, Bridesman, Groomsmen, Ring Bearer, Flower Children, Junior Bridesmaids, Junior Groomsmen, Ushers, and more.  

Giselle’s wonderful Wedding Party planning module includes the answers to all the questions you might have.


  • What do you need to know about wedding parties?
  • Who you want in your wedding?
  • How can you avoid conflicts and hurt feelings?
  • What roles should each person perform?
  • What is each person expected to do?
  • What if someone turns you down? 
  • Who is responsible for paying what
  • Can you have more than one Maid of Honor or Best Man?

Module 9: Attire - Bride & Wedding Dresses, Groom, Bridal Party, Guest Attire 

What does all the wedding dress terminology mean and how can you choose the perfect weeding dress for your style and body type?  

Most every girl has envisioned herself as a bride. But when the moment comes how do you choose a wedding dress that embellishes your vision? How do you even tell a bridal shop owner or helper what you want using the correct terminology? 

You will learn about: 

  • Gown types
  • Veils
  • Bustles
  • Bridal Salons
  • Fittings
  • Sample Sales
  • Savvy shopping tips
  • All about trunk shows
  • What you need to know about alterations
  • How to get formal wear discounts 

You are getting a complete course in groomsmen attire.


  • Jackets
  • Trousers
  • Shirts
  • Vests
  • Cummerbunds
  • Studs
  • Cuff Links
  • Ties
  • Tuxedos

Giselle is teaching you everything you need to know to pull off that perfect look from casual to a black-tie affair.

Module 10: Timelines 

How can you prioritize the many tasks on your wedding plan ‘To Do’ list and make sure everything gets done and done correctly? 

There will be a long ‘To Do’ list for most weddings. With so many tasks and responsibilities, missing an important date or overlooking an item altogether is easy to do. The last thing you want is to discover too late that the food , flowers, or a reservation somehow slipped through the cracks.

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ has a comprehensive system with task checklist timeline associations.

Planning can often begin 24 months before your big day. However if you have a shorter notice, a beautiful wedding can be arranged for you also.

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ has you covered every step of the way with wedding task checklists segmented by:

  • 12- 18 months advance planning 
  • 8-11 months in advance to-dos
  • 4- 7 months advance list
  • 1-3 months prior to your wedding
  • 3 to 4 weeks before your big day
  • 1 to 2 weeks priorities
  • 1 to 2 days checklist
  • Day of tasks and assignments
  • Post Wedding checklist

Module 11: Tables and Chairs 

How can you choose the right tables and chairs for your wedding and or reception? 

If you will be choosing chairs at a venue Giselle is sharing exactly what you need to know.

You are going to learn about:

  • Ghost chairs
  • Bamboo folding chairs
  • Tolix chairs
  • Chiavari chairs
  • French country chairs
  • Resin or wood folding chairs

Module 12: Linens 

What do you need to know about linens and the different types?  

Linens are an important part of any wedding, both in terms of function as well as style. The term “linens” refers to all of the cloth items used do decorate your reception tables, including tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and runners. Practically speaking, linens help to protect furniture and guests from spills and stains. More than this, however, linens add to the overall decorative element of your big event.

Module 13: Assigned Seating and Seating Plans 

Should seating be planned and if so how are seats assigned? 

Giselle’s Assigned Seating and Seating Plans module is possible the most comprehensive information on wedding seating.

This module includes:

  • Assigned seating versus open seating
  • Traditional seating
  • Seating charts
  • Place cards
  • Head Table seating
  • Family table seating
  • Children’s tables
  • How to communicate seating
  • Table numbers
  • Table sizes
  • Round tables
  • Banquet tables
  • Square tables
  • Managing the Seating Chart
  • Budget tips

Module 14: Ceremony, Officiant, Legalities

How can you be sure you were ‘legally’ married?

  • The 12 Marriage License Facts and Tips You Must Know
  • The 12 Questions You Must Ask If You Will Be Married in a House of Worship or Church

What are the rules of ceremonies to consider? 

Giselle takes you through the ceremonial protocols and your choices including:

  • Prelude – how guests are seated
  • Processional – how the bridal party enters
  • Introduction – how officiants welcome guests
  • Readings – friends or, family say some words that have meaning
  • Question of intent – officiant
  • Vows
  • Exchange of rings
  • Unity candles
  • Final blessings
  • Postlude

And much more!

Module 15: Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

The traditional rehearsal dinner is a special time for you and your wedding party.

You are going to learn:

  • What is the purpose of the rehearsal?  
  • When is the best rehearsal time?
  • What else you must consider for the rehearsal? 
  • Why is the rehearsal location is imperative?   
  • Who should be in charge of the rehearsal?
  • What should you do when someone is absent?
  • How do you establish the line up?
  • How are practice readings and the ceremony performed?
  • What should flower girls and ring bearers do? 
  • Recessional tips
  • The rehearsal dinner
  • Gifts at rehearsal dinner

Module 16: Hair and Makeup

Should you do your own hair and makeup or hire a professional?  

In this 20 minute video Giselle shares all important tips and recommendations for hair and makeup including:

  • 6 Vital Points for Choosing Who Will Do Your Hair and Makeup
  • How to Estimate and Stay on The Hair and Makeup Budget 
  • The Timeline for Hair and Makeup that Many Brides Overlook That Can Ruin Your Look

You also get the 7 Point timeline and hair and makeup checklists to be assured that you radiate upon your entrance and throughout your day.   

Module 17: DJ, Band and Live Musicians

Should you have a live band, DJ, other performers or DIY music? 

Shakespeare said it best “if music be the food of love, play on.” What you play, when you play it and who plays it will have a large impact on the mood and atmosphere of your event. From DJ’s to bands to string quartets to iTunes playlists music will usually play a big part in your wedding celebrations. First with your actual ceremony, then during cocktail hour and finally for your wedding reception.

Giselle covers all you need to consider for:

  • How to plan the best ceremony music
  • Cocktail hour music
  • Music budget
  • Reception music
  • Volume restrictions 
  • Time constraints or limitations
  • Traditional Dances
  • Dance and Party Music

Module 18: Florist & Decor

What are the Secrets to Choosing the Florist and Décor That Frames Your Wedding in Perfect Pictorial Imagery?  

Flowers are Mother Nature’s blessing for your wedding! You will choose the types of flowers, colors, arrangements, and placements of your flower décor and adornments… and Giselle shares her years of extensive wedding florist and décor experience with you.   


  • How to spot florist red flags.
  • How to verify a florist’s abilities.
  • How to be sure your florist will deliver fresh flowers on time.
  • Learn how your wedding date could influence your choice of flowers.
  • How to shop for wedding flowers.

You will learn about: 

  • Centerpieces: Discover the 12 most popular centerpiece arrangements and pick what goes with your venue and theme.
  • Bouquets: Learn the 14 bouquet types so you can choose what’s best for your wedding. 
  • Corsages
  • Boutonnieres
  • Flower Girls/Ring Bearers

Giselle even includes a special section on DIY Flowers and the 7 Vital Questions you need to answer before making this choice.

And you are getting: 

  • 21 Tips for getting the right flowers in the best condition placed correctly.
  • The 17 wedding questions you must ask any florist.  

Module 19: Photographer and/or Videographer

How Can You Get the Best Photographer and or Videographer That Creates Beautiful High-Quality Video and or Wedding Pictures at the Right Moments for Your Lifetime Lasting Sentimental Pictures?    

Your wedding is such a special day for you and your partner and those you choose to share this momentous occasion. You want to capture the people, events and ‘once in a lifetime’ moments for eternal images of your day that you will reflect upon fondly.   

Giselle’s comprehensive guide includes:

  • The 31 Must Ask Questions Before Choosing Any Photographer
  • What Should You Beware of When Working with Studios and Agencies?
  • The Styles and Types of Photo Shoots
  • Photography Format Choices
  • Understanding the Timeline
  • Critical Considerations for Family / Group / Wedding Party
  • Pictures
  • Why Site Visits are Vital
  • What to Ask Videographers
  • Guest Pictures
  • Posing Shots
  • Photo Booths
  • Budget Tips

Module 20: Bar Service

How can you avoid the many issues that can arise when serving alcohol and how do you keep a bar with your budget?  

Giselle’s bar service module is a must have if you are considering serving drinks at your reception.   

She covers: 

  • Types of bar services
  • Cash bars
  • BYO Alcohol
  • Beer, Wine and Liquor
  • Local Bar Companies
  • How to Estimate Costs
  • Time for preparation and chilling drinks
  • How to control bar costs
  • Toasts
  • Kegs
  • Shots
  • Non-alcoholic bars
  • Bar service requirements
  • How to pay bar staff and gratuities
  • Liability Insurance
  • Budget tips

Giselle’s instructions and tips help you choose and ensure alcohol is enjoyed at your reception and that drinking does not become a hinderance to your budget or the festivities. 

Module 21: Catering

What can be provided by a caterer? Do caterers provide cakes, bars, bartenders, or servers? What should you look out for with caterers?  


For many weddings hors d’oeuvres, dinner, or a buffet will be served. Bad, stale, or late food can ruin your reception.

  • Catering Options
  • In House Catering
  • Venue No Catering on Site Have List of Approved Caterers
  • Venue No Catering on Site Allow any Licensed & Insured Caterer
  • List of Questions for Caterers
  • Restaurant or Not a Full Service Caterer
  • Tastings
  • Cocktail Hour Food vs Dinner Reception Food
  • Cocktail Hour 
  • Stationary Hors d'oeuvres vs Butler Passed Hors d'oeuvres
  • Choices of Cocktail Hour Hors d'oeuvres
  • Dinner Service
  • Buffet Type Service
  • Buffet Type Service Combined with Stations
  • Dinner Service with Guests Seated
  • Time for Dinner Service
  • Budget Pointers
  • Summary for Catering

Module 22: Cake and Desserts

What are Giselle’s Secrets for Choosing Cake and Desserts That Create Photo Moments and Wow Guests?   

In addition to being a delicious dessert, your wedding cake can be a picturesque memory that is photographed standing alone, with the bride and groom, and during cutting ceremonies. There are many stories of wedding disasters where the cake became a leaning tower or toppled over. Giselle shares how you can make sure you know all your options and can choose the most special cake for your wedding.

You can also see how to save money with Giselle’s cake cost cutting and budget secrets. In addition there are numerous dessert ideas for weddings.

You are going to learn: 

  • Types of Desserts
  • Bakers: What to Ask Bakers
  • How to Best Schedule Cake Delivery
  • The Secrets of Cake Tiers
  • Cake Decorations
  • The Cake Traditions You Might Want to Consider
  • Top Tier of Cake
  • Sheet Cake
  • Cake Stands
  • Frosting Types
  • Cake Cutting Setup
  • Cutting and Serving Cake
  • Couple Cutting Cake
  • American Buttercream
  • Fondant Icing
  • Cake Toppers
  • Cake Stands
  • Fake Wedding Cakes
  • Groom’s Cake
  • Outdoor Wedding Venues and Cakes

Module 23: Transportation

What Should You Consider and How Can You Choose Transportation Including Limos, Shuttle Buses, Party Buses, Your Personal Vehicle, Classic Car or Horse and Carriage?  


Giselle lays out all the possibilities for transportation, the pitfalls to avoid, how and when to book reservations, and how to get discounts.

  • Transportation
  • Limos
  • Size of Limos
  • Non Traditional Transportation
  • Specialty Vehicle
  • Hotel Shuttle Buses
  • Getaway Vehicle
  • Overall Considerations
  • Get Everything in Detail and In Writing
  • Overage Chargers
  • Go With Larger Limo Companies
  • What Happens if Problem with Vehicle
  • What Amenities
  • Multiple Points of Contact to Vendors
  • Any Major Events, Holidays, Concerts that Day
  • Reconfirm with Companies via Email and Call
  • Communicate with Guests (Directions)
  • Bus Transportation Assign Someone to Assist Guests
  • Budget Tips

Module 24: Accommodation

How can you make sure any out of town guests have adequate accommodations and take advantage of any discounts? 

  • Hotel or Resort
  • When to Book Accommodations
  • Hotels - Room Blocks
  • Courtesy Room Block
  • Guaranteed Room Block
  • Code to Give to Guests for Room Block
  • Resources in Documentation
  • May be Lower Rate than Room Block Rate
  • Room Block Freebies and Points
  • Hotel Shuttle
  • Options for Additional Events-Rehearsal Dinner etc
  • Other Options for Accommodations

Module 25: Honeymoon

After spending time with your closest family and friends, you will be off on the magical carpet ride to your honeymoon.

  • Popular Destinations
  • Find a Good Travel Agent
  • Local Travel Agents
  • Time to Travel
  • Best Deals
  • Airfares
  • International Air Travel
  • Frequent Flyer Miles
  • Free Honeymoon Offers - Scams
  • Carry-on Bags
  • Changing Planes
  • Traveling Overseas - Currency
  • Travel Insurance
  • Passports, Visas, Covid Tests
  • Immunizations
  • Registries
  • Tell Everyone

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