So You Are Getting Married? Congratulations!

But I must warn you…

Planning a Wedding Can Involve
More Than 1,000 Decisions…

Overlooking What Might Seem Like
A Small Detail or Making Just One Wrong Choice Can Turn The Wedding You’ve Dreamed Of Into A Disappointment or Disaster

Most brides and grooms report experiencing a high level of stress when they expected to have one of the happiest times of their lives. The anxiety can manifest as you realize you only get one chance to make everything right for your special day.

Being overwhelmed is not your fault. Most bride and grooms are not professional event planners.

A wedding can involve more than 1,000 decisions including dates, times, guests, invitations, wedding parties, venues, gowns, suits, supplies, food, drink, seating, officiates, bakers, photographers, videographers, florists, DJs, bands, babysitters, themes, and on and on.

Let’s face facts:
There are hundreds of decisions to be made and there can easily be over 1000 moving parts to even an average size wedding.

Without a perfected system to follow every step of the way, you might not have a perfect wedding. Even a small wedding planning mistake can result in a disaster that forever mars everyone’s memory of your day.  

Instead of a Heartbreaking Wedding Day That You Forever Wish You Could Forget,
You can have the Enchanted Day You’ve Dreamed Of That Becomes Your Fondest Memory

The World’s Wedding Planning Star, Giselle Hindley-Wales, introduces the complete Easy Dream Wedding System™ so you can have your perfect dream wedding!

Giselle has planned and successfully completed hundreds of weddings. She has planned more weddings in one year than many wedding planners ever book in a lifetime!  

Giselle’s weddings have received 177 perfect 5-star reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot.

With the Easy Dream Wedding System you can make sure your wedding is the flawless dream you have always had with her simple system and money-saving advice. You get the insider knowledge you need to avoid costly mistakes.

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ Saves You Loads of Time, Money, and Heartache and Makes Planning Your Special Day a Breeze So You Can Relax and Have Complete Peace of Mind

There is Nothing on Earth That Compares to Giselle’s Comprehensive Yet Simple to Follow  Easy Dream Wedding System™ for Your Special Day

Giselle has compiled the wedding planning methods, tips, and inside secrets accumulated from her extensive and highly successful years of wedding planning. She has meticulously scrutinized and organized all this valuable information into easy-to-follow instructions in 25 separate modules.

Each module contains captivating videos of Giselle sharing with you, the exact instructions in a heartfelt and genuinely caring way that only Giselle can deliver. You feel like she is right in the room with you holding your hand every step of the way!

 You will also get her well thought out checklists and tip lists. 

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™
Makes Planning Your Wedding So Easy!

Without Giselle’s plan or with an inadequate plan you can literally feel like giving up on wedding planning. Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ is so articulate and the instructions so sensible that planning your wedding becomes an enjoyable experience. 


Giselle warm has such a talent for teaching you in a calm and matter of fact demeanor you become entranced with her. The information seems to come to you through a magical osmosis! 

You are Getting The Most Comprehensive and Delightful Wedding Planning System Ever Created

All 25 Modules Each With Instructional Videos, Worksheets, Guides, and Checklists With Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™

You are getting more than 25 professionally produced videos ranging in length from 12 minutes to 58 minutes with organized, simple to follow instructions, money and time saving tips, and inside information. You will also get all the guides, checklists, and worksheets you need to plan your dream wedding. And you will have membership in our private support community.  

Each Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding™ Module contains a complete Instructional  Video and guides, worksheets, or checklists.

With Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ You Are Also Getting This Special FREE Gift We Created Just for Brides Like You!

As our gift to you when you enroll today, you will also get the Easy Dream Wedding Emergency Kit. Giselle had carefully handpicked the most needed items that you need ‘just in case.’ Your maid of honor or other designated person can wear this handy pack that will contain all this:

  • Sewing Kit
  • Shout Instant Stain Remover Towelette
  • Earring Backings (4X)
  • Travel Size Nail Glue
  • Safety Pins (2X)
  • Bobby Pins (4X)
  • Fashion Tape (3X)
  • Tums AntiAcids Roll
  • Travel Lint Roller
  • Tweezers
  • Blister Band-Aids Heel Protectors (2X)
  • Mints
  • Hair Ties
  • Lip Balm/Chapstick
  • Blotting Papers
  • Hand-Held Mirror
  • Tampons (2X)
  • Advil Travel Pack
  • Sample Perfume Spritzer for your favorite scent
  • Nail File
  • Dehydration Relief (Liquid IV Pack)
  • Makeup Remover Wipes
  • 24K Golden Under Eye Hydrating Patches
  • Tissue Pack
  • Custom Fanny Pack to carry everything!

You are also getting another FREE gift from Giselle to you:

We will create 3 wedding hashtag ideas for you. This is one of our most requested items and you are getting this for FREE with your system.

That's not all!

You will get the Top 25 DIY Wedding Project Ideas Guide as another FREE bonus when you order today.

Private Membership in Support Community

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ has everything you need to know about planning the wedding of your dreams. You also get complete access to the private community to help support you in your journey. Giselle and the rest of our team are there ready to help you with questions or guidance.

Planning your dream day can be done for most any budget. And while a wedding planner can cost $5,000, $10,000, or more, you can now have all the information they have and more from Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ for only $279 including all the free gifts.

$14,705 worth of value for just $279!   

You are getting all this for only $279.

  • All 25 Video Modules with Instructions and Checklists The entire Easy Dream Wedding System (Cost $14,095 to produce for you)
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Emergency Kit ( Worth $100)
  • 3 Professionally Written Wedding Hashtags (valued at $30)
  • 25 DIY Wedding Ideas Guide (valued at $30)

We take time to carefully put our Wedding Day Emergency Kits together by hand. Unfortunately, we only have so many. Please order today to get yours. 

Planning a wedding can take a year or longer. If your wedding is in less than 12 months, don’t panic. Sign up today and let’s get planning now.

The Easy Dream Wedding System will cut your planning time in half and give you confidence you are going to avoid any disasters.


Our Golden Guarantee

We are so sure that you will love the Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ that if for any reason you are not over the moon ecstatic, we will refund every penny of your purchase within 60 days.

This will be your big day! You need time to plan your wedding. Don’t get behind by waiting to order Giselle’s  Easy Dream Wedding System™.

Do this right now and turn the day you’ve dreamed of
into the memory you will always treasure!

There are so many things to juggle when it comes to your wedding.

Don’t let costs get in between you and the wedding you always dreamed of. Our budget saving tips will make your budget go further so that you can bring your dream to life.

Think about this – I have never met a bride that told me they started planning too soon… in fact I only hear “I wish I had started planning sooner.” So please order today.


Married on 03/31/2018

Giselle is amazing!!! I cannot explain how easy the planning process was.


Married on 11/18/2018

Giselle is a genius and we thank her for making our wedding day a literal dream come true.


Married on 05/17/2014

Planning our wedding was completely stress less thanks to Giselle. All of her recommendations were spot on.


Married on 02/10/2018

Giselle truly has a gift for making a couple's dream wedding day come true.


Married 04/28/2019

We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. Thank you to Giselle for helping us have our dream wedding.

Jessica Fisher

Married on 12/03/2017

Hands down the best wedding planning experience ever! She provides the best service, thinks of everything and makes you feel heard. She takes her time in planning your special day and will truly consider your budget and will make your special day feel like a dream come true.


Married 04/29/2017

Giselle made EVERYTHING easy - I was never the little girl who planned her wedding growing up, so I had no clue what I was doing, but she explained every step and gave advice without ever making us feel like we were being "sold" to.


Married 04/06/2019

Giselle made everything so easy for us and was there with us every step of the way. From beginning to end she systematically removed any worries or concerns we may have had. Her organizational abilities are exceptional, making us all feel at ease


Married 04/28/2019

Giselle was our wedding planner/coordinator and did an OUTSTANDING job. She is very knowledgeable, organized, and helpful. She made sure everything went smoothly from the very start of the planning process to the sparkler send off on our wedding night. During our wedding, we did not have to lift a finger.

With Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™
You Can Start Immediately and Plan Your Wedding to the Smallest Detail
in Less Than a Day! 

You can easily spend more than 200 hours planning even a simple wedding. A more elaborate wedding can take more than 500 hours of planning.

With The Easy Dream Wedding System, each subject is a set of different video guides. Then topics are titled so you choose only what pertains to your wedding plans.   

With just a few clicks of your mouse,  you can go through the entire system in just over 10 hours and review any part when needed. 

In that time you’ll learn how to avoid disasters, save thousands with budget-saving tips, and plan the most special day of your life with a smile on your face.


Doesn’t a Wedding Planner Do All This?

The Easy Dream Wedding System™ empowers you to be in complete control of your wedding if you do the planning


give you the knowledge to know how to hire the right wedding planner and be sure they are doing their job. In fact, the Easy Dream Wedding System™ is so comprehensive, wedding planners can use this system for their training.

Isn’t All the Information Needed for Planning a Wedding on the Web? 

With over 742 million Google results just for the ‘wedding planning,’ no one knows what all is on the web! And that is the challenge.

You do not need a specific quantity of information;
you just need all the right information.

We all know there’s a TON of websites, articles, and social profiles on weddings. But is that really how you want to spend your evenings? Can you trust the sources? This system was built to save you the hundreds of hours of research you’d need to ensure you didn’t miss anything in your planning.

We’ve used our decade-plus experience in the industry to sort through all the noise and take you from overwhelmed to organized. Giselle knows the tricks, the short-cuts, and the priorities to guide you to the best wedding decision-making.

How Much Money Can You Save With Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™?

The cost of a traditional wedding planner can cost $75 - $200 per hour and the total from $1500 to more than $10,000 plus gratuity.  

Not to mention the cost on your emotional health of praying that this person actually knows what they are doing.

For a fraction of the cost to hire an inexperienced wedding planner, get access to one of the best in the country. Your wedding planning fairy godmother, Giselle, will share her system to plan the perfect wedding.

Her weddings have received 177 perfect 5-star reviews out of 177 reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot. Make your wedding literally flawless with her simple system and sanity-saving advice.

Imagine the Euphoria You Will Feel At the End of Your Big Day As You Bid Farewell to All your Special Guests and Embark on Your Honeymoon and Life Together!

Imagine your 10th wedding anniversary and your friends and family are still raving about how special and flawless your wedding was.

Your relationship is eternal, so make sure the memories you create on your wedding day aren’t permanently stained by mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

By following Giselle’s plan, your ‘wedding day’ dream will come true!

Plan Your Wedding with the Top Wedding Planner

Giselle Hindley Wales, has 11 years of experience managing her own wedding venue and has planned well over 300 weddings. She has won the Knots Couple’s Choice Award every year from 2013 to 2021. Her weddings have been featured in major wedding publications such as The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Marry Me Tampa Bay, Ruffled, Borrowed and Blue, Orange Blossom Bride, Whim Magazine, 100 Layer Cake, and Green Wedding Shoes.

Giselle’s Easy Dream Wedding System™ will show you:

  • What most wedding planners overlook
  • the 3-tier system for making guest decisions.  
  • How to establish guest list boundaries.
  • How to avoid budget overruns and spot hidden fees and charges.

You will have instant access to knowledge that was accumulated over 315 weddings and over 10,000 hours of deep practice.

Planning your wedding budget can be one of the most stressful parts of your wedding. Giselle shows you how to stretch any budget and avoid costly mistakes.